Welcome to this site, I hope you are able to find your way around, this site & challenge is still in devlopment but if you have any ideas on the site or challenge please either comment on this post or send me a email at ts4bacc@yahoo.co.uk.

Update 06/02/15 – As you all know there is a game pack out and a expansion pack on the way, I will make rules up to fit into this challenge.

Username on the sims fourm: Bexx87

Origin Id: Simentalove

 photo ts41_zpsduey5xya.jpg

Updated 19/06/15

With Newcrest being released you can now expand your neighborhood

Updaed 16/05/15

I have just re-tweated the rules

Updated 16/04/15

Round 9 is completed

Updated: 15/04/15

Added another version of the challenge

Updated: 05/04/15

Part 9 has been updated

Updated 31/03/15

As I wont have access to GTW till 2/04/15, I wont be able to play test it to this challenge so if other people who have access to the game would like to help me, I would be much appreciated and credit you

Updated 27/03/15

I have added a few more links to promote other websites, if you would like your website to be added please comment or drop me a facebook message or email

Updated 21/03/15

I have used the collecibles and unlockable locations as a form of game play style

Updated 19/03/15

Ive have added the collectibles list to the rules to see if anyone can help me or if I can think of how to make completing collectibles a benifit to the challenge

Updated 19/02/2015










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